The Joy of a Morning Routine 

[read time: 5-7 minutes]  Hi, everyone! I am back with another instalment of the “Joy of…” series, where we look at mindful activities and how they might help you.  As a super early riser, one thing I am a proponent for is a morning routine. There are a LOT of morning routine “how-to’s” out there.Continue reading “The Joy of a Morning Routine “

Introducing: The “Joy of…” Series! 

Hi, everyone! I am excited to announce an ongoing project that will be launched soon: the “Joy of…” series. As I wrote about here, my life has been defined by being disabled, and as such, I spend more time at home now, enjoying quiet activities. This is far from the life I lived during agesContinue reading “Introducing: The “Joy of…” Series! “