Discontinuation Syndrome 

[read time: less than five minutes] In tarot, there is a card called the Wheel of Fortune. This card represents the querent’s life. When this card is pulled, it reveals that a change of course may be coming – whether good or bad. The beauty in the Wheel is that it is always turning, soContinue reading “Discontinuation Syndrome “

On Drugs: Part III

[read time: 5-7 minutes][trigger warning: alcohol & drug abuse] I was now 23 and living back at home. I was disgusted with myself, mad and ashamed. Throughout everything I was still dealing with the pain in my leg from my disability, as well as trying to keep my trichotillomania under control.  I continued to drinkContinue reading “On Drugs: Part III”

On Drugs: Part II

[read time: 7-8 minutes][tw: alcohol and drug abuse] I began to live with a boyfriend during my third year. One night, when we were drinking on our patio, we noticed the people across the street from us drinking on their patio and yelled back and forth and soon became friends.  That night was the firstContinue reading “On Drugs: Part II”

On Drugs: Part I

[read time: 5-8 minutes] [trigger warning: alcohol and drug abuse] I am six years sober this upcoming Saturday, the 26th of March.  That’s six years of no alcohol – nope, not even one little drop.  Six years of being hangover-free. Six years of finally living life.  I turned 18 in May of 2004 and leftContinue reading “On Drugs: Part I”

How Social Media Made Me Happier – Including the Trolls

[read time: five minutes] [WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT]  I have a confession to make: I wanted a troll.  This upcoming Saturday, the 19th of February, will mark the fourth month this blog has been established.  I have been reflecting on this for a while now and wanted to share with you how it has made meContinue reading “How Social Media Made Me Happier – Including the Trolls”

Dumped for Being Disabled & Other Truths, Part I 

[read time: 5 minutes]  This event took place over nine years ago, but I still remember the text.  I wanted to wait until you were done work, it began. My heart sunk.  I had been seeing a guy for a while now, and everything truly felt good. He was the first person I ever datedContinue reading “Dumped for Being Disabled & Other Truths, Part I “

Perspective: Life as a Disabled Single Mama

[read time: 5 minutes]  Hi, everyone!  I received lots of comments and support after uploading my post about living with an arteriovenous malformation, so I figured a follow-up is in order.  One of the questions I was asked is: “How do you do it – be a single mom with a physical disability?”  Answer: itContinue reading “Perspective: Life as a Disabled Single Mama”

Perspective: Living with Trichotillomania 

[read time: five minutes]  I have been thinking about it for at least ten years. Shaving my head. Cutting all the hair off.  Why? I was sick of it. Sick of my hair. Sick of being a slave to its whims.  No, I’m not talking about the time it takes to wash/ blow dry/ styleContinue reading “Perspective: Living with Trichotillomania “

Perspective: Living with a Venous Malformation 

[read time: 4 minutes] I was born with a venous malformation, sometimes referred to as an arteriovenous malformation, that affects my entire right leg, from pinky toe to bum, culminating mostly in my knee and foot.  Venous malformations are the overgrowth of malformed veins. They are normally confined to one limb or area of theContinue reading “Perspective: Living with a Venous Malformation “