Book Review: The Cosmic Principle by Abby R. Laughlin 

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[warning: potential spoilers ahead]

Hi, everyone! 

Today I’m uploading my first book review post! 

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be given an advance reader copy (ARC) of The Cosmic Principle by Abby R. Laughlin, her debut novel. It is the first book in the Nexus Series. 

First off: I LOVED this book! Laughlin created a fantastic world full of complex characters and a story I could not wait to get back to. I am also going to try my best to spoil as little as possible – this is a book definitely worth reading for yourself! 

The book begins in Bersama, a planet not unlike Earth, but in a very different galaxy. 

We follow the protagonist, Caldera, as she and her sidekick, Ren, travel the galaxy for the Vanguard, sent out on missions by the King – or so they think. 

When the King is murdered, Caldera suddenly finds herself the new Queen. She soon discovers that the Council has been signing off on projects for years without the King’s knowledge or consent, and vows not to let that happen to her during her reign. 

When Caldera and her friends discover that the former King was on to a potential major discovery, they fear he may have been purposely silenced. A new, secret location is soon revealed, where their fears are proven correct. 

Caldera and Ren soon crack the discovery the King made, and are on a quest to find a rare mineral. It is discovered that this mineral is able to open a wormhole – and what they find on the other side will have major consequences for the rest of their lives on Bersama. 

Do I recommend The Cosmic Principle? YES! Laughlin is an excellent writer and her commitment to the world of Tellis and her characters is commendable. This book is the first in a series, and I am absolutely going to read the rest of it! You can order her book from visiting her instagram page here. It is available March 31, 2022! 

featured image courtesy of Abby R. Laughlin/ Instagram.

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