One Month Blogiversary: Reflections 

I launched this blog October 19, 2021 with the goal of sharing bits of my life as a physically disabled single mama and how my world goes around. I also want to be able to be here for anyone who is like me – different, with a vascular malformation or not. I’m also here for anyone who wants to talk about alcoholism: I was a severe alcoholic for ten years, I’ve been sober for over five, and I am here to chat with anyone who wants to, whether they’re personally affected or not. It’s part of my past, has influenced my future, and I own my mistakes because I have since recovered and am a much better and happier person now. Service is one takeaway from AA I’ll always keep close to my heart. 


Blogging takes up much more time than I thought it was going to. However, I enjoy this time, so it’s a win-win for me. The only issue now is how to divide my time up even more to include blogging. 

Waking up every morning knowing I can write – either my novel or my blog – has greatly improved my mental health and feelings of success. So, here’s the BIG TAKEAWAY: without NaNoWriMo or this blog, I would not be writing either my novel or this much in general. Writing has been my passion since I was a child; it was the one thing I recognized that I could do, being physically disabled as I am. I was a Writing Major in high school; then took Creative Writing: Personal Nonfiction for 4 years at my first university and then another 4 in English and English Literature at another university. It’s cathartic to blog about my personal experiences being disabled, and I can control how personal I’ll get, since I’m not really one for posting selfies – I’d rather write instead. Indeed, writing about my personal experiences here with a vascular malformation, trichotillomania, and being an ex-drunk has helped me blossom personally. 

The area I can improve on is definitely social media. First, I am shy online! It’s funny because in ‘real life’ I can strike up a conversation with anyone anywhere and often do. But for years I rejected social media and the internet in general, so I’m still catching up. Second, with the blog market already saturated, how can I get my little niche blog out there? It’s difficult, if not nearly impossible. That being said, I’ve already taken the small steps needed to get started and if growth is slow, it is what it is. Everyone stared somewhere, right? 

Where I’d like to go with this blog:

Honestly, I’d love to make blogging and writing my full-time job. It’s already my part-time job, because I consider it as such, but it is not bringing in an income (yet). I mentioned above I have about a million years of university experience in writing; it hasn’t been until now in my life that my career path is finally aligning with my degrees. 

I have an upcoming series of articles I have written about living the quiet life (see above) and I will announcing it in the next few days. I’m very excited about this. 

I also have some more reflections on my personal life, such as dealing with trichotillomania, alcoholism and AA that I have in the works and will post as soon as they are ready. 

So I will continue to update sporadically about my life as a disabled single mama trying to write on the side and attempting to land a book deal… sound good with you all? I’m sure it will be a fun and wild ride. If nothing else, I can provide a unique perspective on life, dealing with a physical disability and trying to navigate this crazy world. I also love writing about writing, so expect posts about that. One day I’ll post my podcast. I have begun, but there’s too much on my plate right now. Anything you’d like to know about me that I haven’t said yet? 

Have a great day! 

Published by Erica Black

Erica was born with a rare disease called an arteriovenous malformation in her right leg. She is now an advocate for those with disabilities. She left the corporate world in 2016 to pursue a career as a high school English teacher and began to blog along the way. She has a BA in English Lit and minor in Creative Writing. Her writing has been featured in The Martlet, The Globe and Mail, Heroica, and more. She enjoys cats, reading, and her daughter.

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